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What is a Pincode?

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post. In India, the Pin-code is 6 digits long. First digit means region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code. India has a total of nine PIN zones.

Bidhuna Pincode / Post Office Search (AURAIYA, Uttar Pradesh)

Achhalda S.O 206241BidhunaUttar Pradesh
Ailly B.O 206249BidhunaUttar Pradesh
Airwa Katra S.O 206252BidhunaUttar Pradesh
Asjana B.O 206243BidhunaUttar Pradesh
Badhin B.O 206252BidhunaUttar Pradesh
Baghaipur B.O 206241BidhunaUttar Pradesh
Bandhmau B.O 206243BidhunaUttar Pradesh
Bansi B.O 206241BidhunaUttar Pradesh
Banthara B.O 206243BidhunaUttar Pradesh
Barahar B.O 206249BidhunaUttar Pradesh
Barauna Kalan B.O 206252BidhunaUttar Pradesh
Bela S.O (Auraiya) 206251BidhunaUttar Pradesh
Bhadpur B.O 206252BidhunaUttar Pradesh
Bhainsol B.O 206241BidhunaUttar Pradesh
Bhaipur B.O 206243BidhunaUttar Pradesh
Bhikhara B.O 206243BidhunaUttar Pradesh
Bidhuna S.O 206243BidhunaUttar Pradesh
Chhachhund B.O 206241BidhunaUttar Pradesh
Dashehra B.O 206241BidhunaUttar Pradesh
Deoraon B.O 206250BidhunaUttar Pradesh
Dondapur B.O 206243BidhunaUttar Pradesh
Gailly B.O 206251BidhunaUttar Pradesh
Gapchariapur B.O 206248BidhunaUttar Pradesh
Ghasara B.O 206241BidhunaUttar Pradesh
Goora B.O 206243BidhunaUttar Pradesh
Gwari B.O 206241BidhunaUttar Pradesh
Hardoo B.O 206251BidhunaUttar Pradesh
Harvanspur B.O 206248BidhunaUttar Pradesh
Indapamau B.O 206243BidhunaUttar Pradesh
Itailly B.O 206241BidhunaUttar Pradesh
Jalalpur B.O 206255BidhunaUttar Pradesh
Kaithawa B.O 206243BidhunaUttar Pradesh
Kalabhoj B.O 206249BidhunaUttar Pradesh
Kamara B.O 206250BidhunaUttar Pradesh
Kudarkot B.O 206122BidhunaUttar Pradesh
Kursi B.O 206248BidhunaUttar Pradesh
Madahadaspur B.O 206255BidhunaUttar Pradesh
Madokmeet B.O 206248BidhunaUttar Pradesh
Mahoo B.O 206251BidhunaUttar Pradesh
Masoodpur B.O 206249BidhunaUttar Pradesh
Muhammdabad B.O 206241BidhunaUttar Pradesh
Nagaria B.O 206241BidhunaUttar Pradesh
Narainpur B.O 206248BidhunaUttar Pradesh
Nevilganj S.O 206241BidhunaUttar Pradesh
Pasuwa B.O 206249BidhunaUttar Pradesh
Pata R.S. B.O 206241BidhunaUttar Pradesh
Patna Airwa B.O 206252BidhunaUttar Pradesh
Piprauli Shiv B.O 206255BidhunaUttar Pradesh
Purva Jain B.O 206248BidhunaUttar Pradesh
Purwa Bhikha B.O 206248BidhunaUttar Pradesh
Pusauli B.O 206243BidhunaUttar Pradesh
Rajaumau B.O 206250BidhunaUttar Pradesh
Rathgaon B.O 206243BidhunaUttar Pradesh
Rurukalan B.O 206249BidhunaUttar Pradesh
Sahar S.O (Auraiya) 206248BidhunaUttar Pradesh
Sahbad B.O 206243BidhunaUttar Pradesh
Samayan B.O 206252BidhunaUttar Pradesh
Sarai Sheesgram B.O 206249BidhunaUttar Pradesh
Saraipukhta B.O 206250BidhunaUttar Pradesh
Shivganj B.O 206248BidhunaUttar Pradesh
Surendha B.O 206252BidhunaUttar Pradesh
Tilakpur Farm B.O 206243BidhunaUttar Pradesh
Umrain B.O 206252BidhunaUttar Pradesh
Yakubpur B.O 206255BidhunaUttar Pradesh